How Often Should You Get Your Office Cleaned?

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September 16, 2019
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How Often Should You Get Your Office Cleaned?

Office Cleaning Schedule

If you’re running a business, you’re busy: you have to balance the books, manage staff, deal with customers, and more. Amid all the chaos, it can be easy to forget about getting your office cleaned.

But whatever you do? You can’t afford to forget about calling a cleaning service. A clean office does more than simply impressing customers and other visitors: it’s vital for the health of your employees. Below, you’ll learn how often your office should be cleaned.

Office Cleaning Schedule

How Often Do Most Offices Get Cleaned?

You might expect our answer to vary based on the size of your staff or office. But this is a situation where one size mostly fits all: you need to get your office cleaned every day.

The reason for this is simple. In most offices, multiple people are using the same bathrooms. It’s unhygienic to let germs and bacteria build up and cleaning the bathroom less than daily could cause disease to spread among the office very, very quickly.

If you’re in an office building, you may not have a separate bathroom just for your staff. If that’s the case, your building manager may pay a cleaning company to come in daily. You’ll then only need cleaning services either weekly or monthly.

How Often Does The Rest Of Your Office Need To Get Cleaned?

For offices with breakrooms, we still recommend daily cleanings. If drinks or food spill, you don’t want to wait to get it cleaned up! As with bathrooms, breakrooms are a hotspot for germs.

If you have windows in your office, they need to be cleaned no less than once a month. For better-looking windows, we recommend once a week. And for businesses that want to impress people looking through the window (e.g. car dealerships), we recommend daily cleanings.

Generally speaking, if you’re in an office and you don’t have a kitchen or breakroom, we recommend a minimum of weekly cleanings. This upkeep allows your professional cleaners to take care of a small office.

Larger offices will need to be cleaned more than once a week, even if you aren’t counting the daily bathroom cleanings. With larger offices, you’ll be looking for someone to do “zone cleaning”. Essentially, if the cleaning crew can’t cover an office in a single day, they’ll spend different days covering different areas.

Need to Get Your Office Cleaned in Lawrenceville, Georgia?

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