10 Home Areas You Forget to Clean

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10 Home Areas You Forget to Clean

It is never fun when it comes to cleaning your home. Avoiding those hard to reach home areas or difficult spots to reach become not a part of your cleaning routine. Why not just hire a professional cleaning company to clean your home?! It sure does make life easier.

Home Areas You Forget About

  1. On top

Hard-to-reach places or high-up spots that are out of our line of sight often get overlooked, like the tops of large appliances like the refrigerator, washing machine or dryer.

Dust also collects on top of windows, bookshelves, doors and door frames, where it’s easy to miss.

  1. Underneath

You’re probably always scrubbing your stovetop, but most people don’t often clean underneath appliances like the oven or refrigerator. Cleaning the dust, dirt and grime that collects underneath kitchen appliances can help prevent expensive appliance repairs.

  1. Baseboards

You may not think to clean your baseboards, especially if you’re cleaning in a hurry.

  1. Cleaning supplies

You use your cleaning supplies to scrub your home spotless — but how often do you think to clean them? From your broom to the toilet brush, sponges, cleaning cloths or even your feather duster and vacuum cleaner, all of your tools could use a good scrubbing.

  1. Ceiling fans

Unless you live in a warm climate or use your ceiling fan every day, it’s easy to overlook this spot when it comes to house cleaning. The blades of your ceiling fan can collect dust and dirt, especially when they’re sitting idle for long periods of time. When you’re cleaning house, giving your ceiling fan blades a good once-over is quick way to cut down on dust-related allergies. If the ceiling fan is over a bed, an easy way to clean it without getting dust on your bedding is to slide an old pillow case over each blade, then remove it carefully to avoid spilling the dust.

  1. Electronics

Small, hand-held electronics or electronic devices you touch on a daily basis are hotspots for germs. It’s easy to forget to wipe down the TV remote, your cell phone or computer keyboard and mouse, but keeping them clean can go a long way towards preventing germs from spreading — especially during cold and flu season.

  1. Light switches and door knobs

Items you touch every day should be treated like any other high-traffic area of your home. Keep germs at bay by cleaning light switches, door knobs and doors.

  1. Small appliances

How often do you clean out your toaster? When you’re making a clean sweep, don’t forget to clean small appliances like the coffee maker, microwave and garbage disposal.

  1. Your toothbrush holder

If there’s one spot that can be a breeding ground for germs, it’s the toothbrush holder. When you’re cleaning the bathroom, rinse out and wipe down the toothbrush holders and soap dish.

  1. Crisper drawers

Keep your refrigerator clean and fresh by cleaning out the crisper drawer or or fruit and vegetable drawers on a regular basis.


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